Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 years ago tonight, we had such a great night, do you remember? We actually cuddled on the couch and held hands and I played with your hair, even after I made those horrible fish sticks for dinner. That still haunts me. It was so not an ordinary night for us and I'm so grateful. One of the most important tender mercies I was given. Me and Hallie and Logan went up to your grave tonight to lay some flowers. We are so blessed that you were and are our Dad and Husband. We were chatting about how much our lives have changed since you've been gone. Things are definately not the same. But we are ok. We love you so much. We love Heavenly Father too and are grateful for the redeeming grace of his Son. We will be together again and we can't wait to see you. We have a lot of catching up to do.. see you in my dreams

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  1. i like that you spell definately wrong, just like me.. i would have never known. it's so weird that it has been two years. i am glad it is not so consuming as it was before, even though your heart still aches. i love you sis.